Interview: Peter Stern

Peter Stern and Brandon Broll

Narrator of ‘Still-life of a Pandemic’, Peter Stern, tells us how he got into voice acting and reveals intriguing snippets of his international career including impressions of Star Wars’ C-3PO. We met socially distanced in his garden in London as the Covid-19 pandemic  was easing in early July 2020 to talk about the challenges he faced narrating ‘Still-life’ and of living under lockdown. 

Artist: Barbara Jackson

Barbara Jackson

It’s a rare honour to view the line-drawing doodles of an award winning artist. Doodles aren’t usually meant for an audience. Done while she was busy speaking on the telephone, they are spur of the moment inspirations of the artist. Before we look at some of her intriguing ‘telephone doodles’, let’s introduce printmaker Barbara Jackson, who has contributed her line drawings to books by Brandon Broll. 

Art Post: Cat doodles

In the first of a series of art posts, we hope you enjoy these informal line-drawing doodles of Barbara Jackson. Here the artist explores various poses of her cat named Bumble. Depending on the length of the phone call, the artist sketched images of her cat that were variously detailed or quickly drafted with a fine pen. The accuracy and eye of this artist accomplished in the art of etching is plain to see.

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