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The Unseen Genius (Amazon review: 5 Stars)

"A phenomenal time capsule... A coming of age story set against the backdrop of South Africa's restless struggle against apartheid." (UK, October 2023)

London Bites (Amazon review: 5 Stars)

"Lots of fun, twists and turns in eight sumptuous short stories... A perfect read in the garden on a warm summer's Sunday afternoon." Elizabeth A (USA, January 2024)

Love in the Time of Brexit (Amazon review: 5 stars)

"An unexpected, original voice! I was looking for something different to read. This book is a real surprise! Hilary & Ian (UK, November 2022)

Still-life of a Pandemic (Amazon review: 5 stars)
"Rich and intense, yet accessible. Written with pathos and understanding of these unprecedented times." Peter P (Australia, May 2020)

"Amazing..." Alexander Theroux, The Wall Street Journal

Multiple publishers, multiple translations, multiple editions

Citation for Services to Literature

"This book will amaze and fascinate you... Louisa Harper, Waterstone's

Book Release coming in 2024...

Not Merely White: South African Poems


This is the first published volume of Not Merely White: South African Poems, comprising fifty five early poems written by Brandon Broll in South Africa over the period 1986-88. As a biologist at the time, Broll's keen poetic eye imparts a descriptive depth and vibrancy to the beauty of the Cape landscape, while his razor observation of the everyday apartheid politics propelled him to become chairman of the Civil Rights League before having to flee to Britain in 1990.

Some of these poems were published at the time in South African literary magazines, then in Britain, and by 1994, Broll was invited to submit his biography to the International Who's Who in Poetry and Poet's Encyclopaedia. In part, this honour lay in the reputation of these early poems, yet this volume remained unpublished for over 35 years.

These poems offer the poet’s experience of a contrasting palette of war and struggle under apartheid, of everyday thoughts, of love, and of the fertile and imposing South Western Cape landscape.

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Brandon reads the short story 'Writing Electric' from his book:
Love in the Time of Brexit
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Brandon meets Marnie Swindells

Marnie was the 2023 winner of the Apprentice on British TV. Marnie is an amazing role model for women. So important was the sport of boxing in her life growing up that, after training as a barrister, then winning the Apprentice, she is setting up her own boxing academy in south London called 'Bronx'. Good luck, Marnie!

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