"A writer gets to live yet another life every time he or she creates another story."

Pawan Mishra


Novel: Paperback (359 pages), Ebook (271 pages)

By the picturesque Cape seaside town of Hermanus, South Africa, the apartheid police have located a bloodstained rock on a coastal path and hand-written pages blowing along the shoreline. The author of these pages, Joseph Salem, a young biologist, has apparently fallen over the cliff-face into the sea. His girlfriend, Lexa Du Plessis, alerted the police to this accident. But when the police suspect these pages to be political writing, a mystery unfolds as she races for clues to his strange disappearance as the police begin to arrest Joseph’s friends.

At the heart of this mystery, set over a weekend in the politically turbulent mid-1980s in South Africa, is the story of a family whose son is deciding his future as his father struggles with memories which betray his own past. It is a novel which serves as a powerful metaphor for apartheid and for generations who are waiting to fulfil their dreams.

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Amazon Review: 5 stars (UK)

A phenomenal time capsule.

The Unseen Genius is a coming of age story, set against the backdrop of South Africa's restless struggle against apartheid.

It seamlessly plaits the two themes into a compelling seaside tale of personal and national self-discovery.

I want to know what happens next.

Amazon Review: 5 stars (UK)

A compelling and thought-provoking mystery.

The discovery of the bloodstained rock and handwritten pages provided an intriguing start, hinting at deeper complexities... vividly bringing apartheid-era South Africa to life.

Lexa's relatability and resolve made her a stand-out character, guiding us through the narrative at just the right pace.

'The Unseen Genius' is a compelling and thought-provoking mystery that resonated with me.

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Amazon Review: 5 stars (USA)

A difficult story that needs to be told... and remembered.

Brandon Broll uses a powerful, but subtle voice to bring the reader back in time to a place many would rather forget. Or simply deny.

An important read about a time that must not be relived, and from which South Africa must wholly transcend.

Take the time to hold the author's hand as he guides you back to the grim reality of South Africa's apartheid past in the mid 1980's. A period in time and a culture we must never allow to be repeated, and from which we must learn so many vital, crucial lessons.


Short Stories: Paperback (178 pages), Ebook (134 pages)

Six unusual stories reveal Love in the Time of Brexit has as many faces as the people who embrace it. Brandon Broll’s carefully crafted prose exploring a range of 'love scenarios' has an uncanny way of burrowing into the depths of the soul to startle and provoke, before suddenly you find yourself thinking anew or smiling or laughing.

“For me, Brexit still remains a backward step, but sometimes stepping backwards can get you past an obstacle.” Love in the Time of Brexit

“Wouldn’t it be nice if a jury of twelve anonymous men and women examined our marriage?” Jury Service Saved my Marriage

“Female power can be a scary thing.” Love, Feminism, and the Naked Mole-rat

“It is in the irony of humans that, as nature can subtly assemble a father, so his wife can unsubtly disassemble him too.” Writing Electric

Amazon Review: 5 stars (UK)

A pensive, reflective read on the human connection, intimacy and commitment.

Brandon's intriguing short stories shed light on the elusiveness of earning and experiencing... unconditional love, and a committed relationship.

And how to live and continue to thrive without it, if that is what you face.

Amazon Review: 5 stars (UK)

An unexpected original voice!!

I was looking for something different to read. This book was a real surprise!!

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Short Stories: Paperback (165 pages), Ebook (103 pages)

Eight stories, some poignant, others with a twist in the tail, expose the everyday and the unusual in London in the early 1990s. Eloise is an aspiring poet on the London poetry reading circuit who discovers something enticing. Soft drinks delivery men delivering to pubs and clubs reveal what they really think. A music student suspects a poltergeist is loose in her disbelieving house share. While a South African exile finds more than he expected by a vegetable patch.

Enriching these stories and others of urban life in the city are seven textured poems published in London anthologies at the time. In London Bites, Brandon Broll explores a cultural richness, English humour and ethnic diversity in Londoners that, in any era, inhabits the public and very private spaces of this great city.

Amazon Review: 5 stars (USA)

A perfect read in the garden on a warm summer's Sunday afternoon.

Lots of fun, twists and turns in eight sumptuous short stories. Brandon is an enchanting story teller, filled with playful imagination and bemusement. Spend a few hours and let him captivate your soul and massage your head!

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