London Bites: Eight Stories

London Bites: Eight Stories

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In the early 1990s London was a different city when these eight stories and seven poems were written. After the fall of the Berlin wall and the London poll tax riots, Nelson Mandela, newly freed from prison, visited an ecstatic Wembley Stadium. Camden market entertained an edgier, more aloof punkiness, and Pavarotti sang in the rain in Hyde Park. Meanwhile the city’s timelessness played out when Lord’s cricket ground hosted the Benson & Hedges cup final.

As the world’s artistic, political and sporting icons visited London, in 1990 it was also filled with South African exiles. Apartheid was not yet defeated. Brandon Broll arrived in London as a poet and writer exploring his newly adopted city.

Eight London stories, some poignant, others with a twist in the tail, expose the everyday and the unusual. Eloise is an aspiring poet on the London poetry reading circuit who discovers something enticing. Softdrinks delivery men delivering to pubs and clubs reveal what they really think. A music student suspects a poltergeist is loose in her disbelieving houseshare. While a South African exile finds more than he expected by a vegetable patch. 

Enriching these stories and others of urban life in the city are seven textured poems published in London anthologies at the time. In London Bites, Brandon Broll explores a cultural richness, English humour and ethnic diversity in Londoners that, in any era, inhabits the public and very private spaces of this great city.

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