Brandon Broll

“There lies unveiled to those with the urge
     a dream beyond the bounds of self;
They stand released those who purge
    the apathy that once was theirs to sell.”

Not Merely White, 1986
(Hymn for a New South Africa)

Who is Doctor Electric?

According to the dictionary a maverick is a free spirit, an independent-minded person, a non-conformist. Brandon Broll is a maverick. The picture you see above of Doctor Electric is absolutely true. Incongruous as it sounds, Brandon Broll is a sparky with a PhD !  And that’s not all…

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Riols Quarter is the publishing company which owns and publishes this website. The name Riols originates from a village in the south of France. It seems surprising a publishing company based in London should choose this French name.  Why is this village of Riols, its history and its  environment, significant ?

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