Still-life of a Pandemic: In Three Books

Ebook and paperback published by Riols Quarter

Still-life of a Pandemic: In Three Books is an “easily readable” and “brilliant” account of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-21 “written with pathos and understanding of these unprecedented times”. Garnering reviews of being “heart-rending” while “humane and accessible”, it is penned by a world poet.

Still-life of a  Pandemic: In Three Books takes us beyond how the media, politicians or scientists have portrayed the pandemic, to the heart of intensely personal experiences of ordinary people, the heroic and the unspoken.

Book one: Street of the hollow eyes was first published in summer 2020. It explores with a haunting reality and poignancy, the life of an ordinary family of four trying to get on in these times when the father develops a fever.

In this volume, Book two: Living the Lockdowns and Book three: The Covid-19 Vaccine Race are newly incorporated, expanding the reach of Still-life of a Pandemic into subjects not only very personal but of national and international importance.

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