Artist: Barbara Jackson

Barbara Jackson and Brandon Broll

In a series of forthcoming art posts, we have the rare honour to view the line-drawing doodles of an award winning artist. Doodles aren’t usually meant for an audience. In this case done while the artist was busy speaking on the telephone, they are a spur of the moment inspiration. Before Barbara Jackson shares her intriguing ‘telephone doodles’, let’s introduce this accomplished printmaker who has contributed her line drawings to books by Brandon Broll. 

Born in London, artist Barbara Jackson has over many years built a reputation for her remarkable and memorable etchings, and as an art teacher of Holocaust survivor victims. She has been awarded five prizes for her printmaking. Her work has appeared at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition on several occasions, as well as at the Mall and OXO galleries  in London.

A graduate of the prestigious St Martin’s School of Art in London, Barbara Jackson chose etching as her main art form, the process of incising or etching lines in a metal printing plate after which ink is applied to form the image on a sheet of paper. It is a difficult, highly specialist process, traditionally used by artists such as Rembrandt, Goya and Picasso.

“I am a printmaker and painter who is fascinated by conveying people and architecture in a moody atmospheric manner which can tell a story,” she says. “I love to capture the play of light and tonality of an image.” Her etchings are often finished in black and white for the atmosphere that stark and subtle shades of grey and dark can create highlighting a pose, an expression, the mood of a figure.

Barbara Jackson’s Jewish heritage includes her parents fleeing Nazi Germany for London. In 2015, to honour Holocaust Memorial day and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps (where both her grandmother and great-aunt died), she created a special exhibition of paintings, etchings and multi-media work detailing the journey of her father from Germany to England.

Titled Dance of Life: The Story of a German Jewish Family, the exhibition not only revealed the breadth and depth of Barbara Jackson’s artistic skills beyond just printmaking, but also the source of the familiar and profound atmospheres she creates of people in contemplative moods revealing the power of light and shadow.

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